[131006][PHOTO] YoonA – New Promos for “Baby G”

Credit: Baby-G Korea@facebook Advertisements

[131005][PHOTO] Jessica, Sunny, SooYoung and YoonA – Gimpo Airport Leaving to Japan

Credit: As Tagged HD Fantakens:

[131004][PHOTO] SNSD – New Pictures from SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: bellnanaai

[131004][PHOTO] SNSD – New Promos for “Baby G”

Credit: tvreport

[131003][PHOTO] YoonA – Selca with f(x)’s Sulli

Credit: TheSoneSource

[130828][PHOTO + VIDEO] YoonA – Calvin Klein Flagship Store 1st Anniversary Ceremony

Credit: As Tagged Press & HD Fantaken *You may have to click on the video’s link in order to watch

[130827][PHOTO] YoonA – New Promos for “Innisfree”

Credit: Innisfree

[130821][PHOTO] Yoona – with Stella Kim

Credit: stellahkim90

[130821][PHOTO] Yoona – New “UFO” Profile Picture

Credit: UFOTown

[130829][VIDEO] Yoona – “Innisfree” Color Glow Lipstick CF

Credit: innisfree

[130811][PHOTO] Yoona – “Innisfree” Natural Benefit from Jeju Official Pictures

Credit: Innisfree Click to enlarge!

[130808][PHOTO + VIDEO] Yoona – At “Samsonite Red 2013 F/W” Presentation

Credit: Press + SSTV + TVDaily

[130808][PHOTO] Yoona – “Innisfree” Official Picture

Credit: Innisfree

[130807][PHOTO] Yoona – At SM Building

Credit: Akiki_KMAMA + EXO闹木闹木爱啊 Click to enlarge!  

[130808][PHOTO] Sunny – “Instagram” Update

Credit: svnnynight + ch0sshi the last course of the day i had a date with yoona!!! i’m just getting around to posting it nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ it was really fun>_< he-yoong;he-yoong♥ Date w YOONG!! My sis :3

[130805][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. YOONA – Hello^^

Credit: Official Website + kymmie Hello SONEs^^ The time passed for a group called Girls’ Generation. It’s already been 6 years huh~♥ The me who was 18 has somehow turned 24. I’ve also gotten many hoobaes.. I think among female groups, we’re the ones who have gone the longest^^ You’re still by our sides saying … Continue reading

[130804][PHOTO] Sunny – “Instagram” Update

Credit: svnnynight I came on a date with Yoongie~ Oppas, fighting!! Shinhwa san*!!! 2013 “SHINHWA” grand finale “THE CLASSIC” in seoul!! W/ yoong♥ It’s show time~>_<☆ Explanation of Shinhwa san thanks to @ilovep10 again here

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