[131007][PHOTO] Taeyeon – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: taeyeon_ss + ch0sshi how do you all relieve stress? As expected, it’s uncomfortable #ExposeForehead Advertisements

[131006][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: syjessica Missed me?[偷笑] Goodnight[月亮]”  

[131006][PHOTO] TaeYeon – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: taeyeon_ss 🌙night.  

[131005][PHOTO] HyoYeon – “Instagram” Update

Credit: watasiwahyo + Kymmie Blue~~~~+,+ We’re going for the live broadcast now!

[131005][PHOTO] TaeYeon – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: taeyeon_ss + Ch0sshi Goodbye 2012.Tokyo was pretty. w/Sooyoung

[131004][PHOTO] Sunny – “Instagram” Update

Credit: svnnynight at the Taipei 101 tower!!!! the unseen director’s cut episode of ‘grandpas over flowers’ airs soon!!!! watch the original/live broadcast~!!!!^^* @Taipei101>_< #GrandpasOverFlowers On air live now!! Go watch 😉

[131003][PHOTO] YoonA – Selca with f(x)’s Sulli

Credit: TheSoneSource

[131002][PHOTO] Taeyeon – With Super Junior’s Heechul

Credit: kimheenim@instagram

[131001][PHOTO] Taeyeon – “Instagram” Update

Credit: taeyeon_ss + kymmie “We’re both having stomachaches. Everyone, take good care of your bodies, both dogs and humans My body condition didn’t seem to be very well today. I was afraid you’d get a shock because I looked too ugly so I covered myself up. I’ll put in effort to be well and be … Continue reading

[131001][PHOTO] Sunny – “Instagram” Update

Credit: svnnynight + ch0sshi  it’s been a while, right?! have you been well~?? Long time no see!!!! Wassssssup?!?!

[130831][PHOTO] Yuri – Picture Her Cousin Vivian

Credit: viviancha1105@instagram

[130830][PHOTO] Taeyeon Selca with Super Junior’s Heechul

Credit: kimheenim@instagram

[130822][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From SEOHYUN – I miss you~

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Good morning~^^ I miss you so so much, everyone!!ㅜㅜ How have you been?? I’m living well~! ㅎㅎ Spend what’s left of the summer well! And have another enjoyable day today♥

[130804][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Hehe

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Wow~ It’s really hot these days!! It’s dangerous weather that can increase your annoyance levels! ㅎㅎ A comical selca for you all! Smile and have a happy day~ Hwaiting today, too!^^

[130719][PHOTO + MESSAGE +TRANS] From. Sooyoung – “♥-♥”

Credits: Girls Generation Official Site + ch0sshi I came to Taiwan today^^!! Taiwan sone, scream ♥-♥ Also.. I dyed my hair~ Did anyone notice..ㅠㅅㅠ? ㅋㅋ

[130716][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SOOYOUNG – This is ‘Gonggitdol’ Gong Minyoung~ ㅠㅅㅠ

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi **’Gonggitdol’ is basically ‘jacks’ in Korean (from the title of the post) As of today, it’s goodbye for ‘Gong Stone’ Minyoung ㅠㅅㅠ While it is sad, for a not-so-long time I feel that I’ve received you all’s overflowing love.. So I was a very very happy Minyoung ^ㅡ^ The atmosphere … Continue reading

[130713][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – ♥

Credit: Official Website + chosshi The rain keeps falling down~ㅜ Don’t forget to take an umbrella when you go out!!ㅎ They said it’s Chobok today~ (“first of the three dog days”) I hope you improve your health with tonics on this hot day♥  

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