[130725][PHOTO] Sooyoung – At her sister, Soojin’s Musical

Credit: thesonesource Advertisements

[130604][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. JESSICA – Thank you^^

Credit: kymmie + official website Thank you SONE^^ Today I was given a very special award~ Actually a whopping amount of over 8000 votes.. Great* Seriously to everyone, claaaaaaaap!!!!!! Let’s quickly meet at the concert~ Bye bye *Instead of using 대단하다 (dae-dan-ha-da), she used 대다나다 (dae-da-na-da), like the way she said it in Beatles’ Code.

[130603][PHOTO + VIDEO] Jessica – At “7th The Musical Award” with Kyuhyun

Credit: as tagged + Press + DailyNews + AMZTT29

[130307][PHOTO] Jessica – Last “Legally Blonde” Musical (Backstage)

Credit: via SONEms.net

[130306][PHOTO + VIDEO] Jessica, Sooyoung & Sunny – Last “Legally Blonde” Musical & Special Event

Credit: as tagged It’s the last Sicawood’s musical >.< However, Jessica did a great job as Elle in “Legally Blonde” and there’s a special event for her at the end called her graduation from “Harvard Unniversity” (I guess lol). Sooyoung & Sunny came to cheer Sica on ^^ Previews (Musical + Special Event) HD Fantakens … Continue reading

[130221][PHOTO + VIDEO] Jessica – At “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: Jay + DC Tiffany Gallery + leenewme + processic + jungsis Tired of clicking one by one? Download all photos below now! Jessica is leaving…

[130220][PHOTO] Jessica – At “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: processic + porkypigger + jungsis + as tagged

[130219][PHOTO] Jessica – At “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: h00kkii + yumo70805 + zommii + processic + miRko + as tagged

[130214][PHOTO + VIDEO] Yuri – Spotted at Jessica “Legally Blonde” Musical (UPDATE!)

Credit: hookkii + ZOMMII + 9taefany + ScrappyTongCoCo + SeoBaby Love @ soshified + as tagged Yuri came to watch Jessica at her musical on Feb 14th, 2013 (Valentine’s Day) ~ Yulsic anyone? ^^ Jessica showed this paper message to Yuri during the musical ♥ “Kwon Yuri Jjang! Sorry… I don’t think I can take … Continue reading

[130212][PHOTO] Jessica – At “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: follow my heart

[130123][PHOTO] Jessica – “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: as tagged

[130116][PHOTO] Sunny and Taeyeon – “Catch Me If You Can” Musical

Credit: soulkajazz + soshicafecom YoonA and Taeyeon went to watch Sunny’s Musical!  

[130116][PHOTO] Jessica – “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: as tagged  

[130116][PHOTO] Sunny – After “Catch Me If You Can” Musical with Kim Publae and others (Backstage)

Credit: portos724

[130109][PHOTO] Seohyun & Yuri – At Sunny “Catch Me If You Can” Musical

Credit: corneliayuan @soshified

[130108][PHOTO] Seohyun – Spotted at Jessica “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: SNSD_ @ soshified forum Our dearly maknae visited Jessica “Legally Blonde” musical today to support her unnie. However, Jessica was rushed to the hospital afterward (probably due to overwork) according to fanaccount. Poor Jessica princess who tried to smile! SSK wished Jessica a fast recovery. Since Seohyun was there, she must be taking a … Continue reading

[121230][PHOTO + VIDEO] Jessica – “Legally Blonde” Musical

Credit: SNSDABAB + sleepingbeauty + meltingice + heavenly forest + as tagged Download all HQ pictures you see here (download)

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