[130822][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From SEOHYUN – I miss you~

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Good morning~^^ I miss you so so much, everyone!!ㅜㅜ How have you been?? I’m living well~! ㅎㅎ Spend what’s left of the summer well! And have another enjoyable day today♥ Advertisements

[130815][MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Everyone~!

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Everyone~! Today is the 68th anniversary of Korea’s liberation day!^^ For the people who sacrificed themselves for the independence of the Republic of Korea Let’s spend the day with a grateful heart, meditating on the meaning of Independence Day!^^♥

[130805][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. YOONA – Hello^^

Credit: Official Website + kymmie Hello SONEs^^ The time passed for a group called Girls’ Generation. It’s already been 6 years huh~♥ The me who was 18 has somehow turned 24. I’ve also gotten many hoobaes.. I think among female groups, we’re the ones who have gone the longest^^ You’re still by our sides saying … Continue reading

[130804][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Hehe

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Wow~ It’s really hot these days!! It’s dangerous weather that can increase your annoyance levels! ㅎㅎ A comical selca for you all! Smile and have a happy day~ Hwaiting today, too!^^

[130731][VIDEO] Taeyeon, Tiffany & Sunny – Message on “Korea Tourism” to visit Korea!

Credit: Manseong Baek

[130731][VIDEO] SNSD – Message for “Magu Magu 2013”

Credit: NETmarble

[130719][PHOTO + MESSAGE +TRANS] From. Sooyoung – “♥-♥”

Credits: Girls Generation Official Site + ch0sshi I came to Taiwan today^^!! Taiwan sone, scream ♥-♥ Also.. I dyed my hair~ Did anyone notice..ㅠㅅㅠ? ㅋㅋ

[130716][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SOOYOUNG – This is ‘Gonggitdol’ Gong Minyoung~ ㅠㅅㅠ

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi **’Gonggitdol’ is basically ‘jacks’ in Korean (from the title of the post) As of today, it’s goodbye for ‘Gong Stone’ Minyoung ㅠㅅㅠ While it is sad, for a not-so-long time I feel that I’ve received you all’s overflowing love.. So I was a very very happy Minyoung ^ㅡ^ The atmosphere … Continue reading

[130706][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – ^^

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi A little late birthday party photo!^^ My birthday has passed, but I’m posting my late birthday party photo~ㅎ There are a lot of individual schedules, so it was difficult getting togetherㅜ I was really really happy receiving birthday wishes like this from my unnies~!ㅎㅎ Unnies, you’re the best!! My wish … Continue reading

[130705][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] Sunny – New Picture from SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: SONE Plus + redsunset @ soshified   Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+, how are you? It’s Sunny! Since July started, summer really has come~. I’m excited because the stores have a variety of my favorite fruits♪(laughs) Recently we have many schedules overseas, but I think I want to survive the hot summer and take care … Continue reading

130703][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Introducing Dubu (Tofu)~!^^

Credit: official website + ch0sshi hi hi~ this is seohyun! there was an addition to seohyun’s family yesterday !!ㅎ the name of this very small, white kid is dubu (tofu)~!^^ the way it jumps around with its hand-sized(?) body is really loveable~ㅜ it seemed like a waste seeing it by myself, so i’m sharing it … Continue reading

[130628][VIDEO] Yuri & Seohyun – Cheering Message for “2013 East Asian Cup”

Credit: ssfcedge1

[130628][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – ♥

Credit: ch0sshi Everyone~!! Really.. Thank you.. For blessing mine, Seohyun’s, a person named Seo Juhyun’s birth on June 28th.. For filling a very important part of my life with an unforgettable love.. Thank you for being together with me on this irreversible, unstoppable, and unerasable moment. I always think about something. Do I really have … Continue reading

[130625][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – This is Seohyun

Credit: official website + ch0sshi The noble sacrifices made by all the people who put their lives on the line for the peace of one’s homeland will be remembered forever with a streak of light. I think working hard for peace and harmony is something that we have to do to ensure these sacrifices are … Continue reading

[130610][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Tada~!

Credit: ch0sshi Tada~! It’s Seohyun’s ddukbokki, personally made on set~!!^^ Thank you very much to all the people who came to see the concert on the 8th and 9th!! Thanks to you all, I think we’ve made unforgettable memories~!ㅎ Have a tasty lunch, and have another nice day today♥


Credit: ch0sshi + official website   SONE~♥ Great people who make my dreams a reality^^! Pretty pink memories we spent together the past 2 days! I won’t forget it^^!! Thank you.. Let’s go on for a long time♥

[130607][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] SNSD – Questions & Answers on “SONE NOTE” Magazine (Issue 1)

Credit: soshified For snapshots of the magazine, visit here. Magazine is for members of SONE Japan Official Fanclub! Taeyeon Q: What are you into right now? A: During filming, the hair stylist always brings different kinds of makeup tools. However, I also bring a lot of makeup so I don’t lose. When I cover myself with … Continue reading

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