[131007][PHOTO + VIDEO] Jessica – The 10th Huading Awards in Macau

Credit: As Tagged HD Fantakens: *You may have to click on the video’s link in order to watch Advertisements

[131006][PHOTO] Jessica – Gimpo Airport Arrival from Japan

Credit: As Tagged

[131006][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: syjessica Missed me?[偷笑] Goodnight[月亮]”  

[131005][PHOTO] Jessica, Sunny, SooYoung and YoonA – Gimpo Airport Leaving to Japan

Credit: As Tagged HD Fantakens:

[131004][PHOTO] SNSD – New Pictures from SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: bellnanaai

[131004][PHOTO] Jessica – STONEHENgE Masterpiece Pictorial

Credit: gall.dcinsidem

[131004][PHOTO] SNSD – New Promos for “Baby G”

Credit: tvreport

[130829][PHOTO] Jessica & Krystal – “STONEHENgE” PhotoShoot BTS

Credit: soshi_bond | T_Elga

[130825][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica Happy thoughts.. Have a wonderful day

[130822][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica

[130820][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica So hot!! Something cold to drink?

[130819][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica Peek-a-boo

[130817][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica Blurrry blurrrrrrrry 

[130816][PHOTO] Jessica – Official Pictures for “SOUP”

Credit: SOUP HQ photos   Bigger with logos Click to enlarge!

[130815][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Updates

Credit: sy_jessica Having fun with cute hyo! Love u sunnnnnn Soooongyoooo +spongebob too

[130814][PHOTO] Jessica – “Weibo” Update

Credit: sy_jessica Hiiiiiiii hiiiiiiii& hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

[130815][PHOTO] Sunny – “Instagram” Update

Credit: svnnynight + ch0sshi with my love, jessic, and my love, spongebob♥ With my bubu bobo baba lala lulu~ jess!! & #spongebob #vegas #mwa ♡

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