[130823][PHOTO] Yuri & Seohyun – Departure at “Incheon” Airport heading to Singapore

Credit: USNthem + 891205com They are heading to Singapore for “Charles & Keith” Store Opening in Singapore. Download 28p (HD Fantaken) HD Fantaken Advertisements

[130823][PHOTO] Tiffany – Arrival at “Incheon” Airport returning from Indonesia

Credit: StarNews + TVDaily Download 17 Press pictures Press

[130819][PHOTO] Tiffany – At “Incheon” Airport heading to Indonesia

Credit: Complete Bliss + Fanyholic + Oh TaeNy She’s leaving for a photoshoot HD Fantaken

[130730][PHOTO] Taeyeon & Tiffany – Arrival at “Incheon” Airport from Los Angeles

Credit: reviewstar Taeyeon & Tifany return home from LA from the “Major League Baseball 2013” game

[130726][PHOTO + VIDEO] Taeyeon & Tiffany – At “Incheon” Airport heading to LA

Credit: Press Taeyeon & Tiffany are heading to LA (Sunny is also attending) for American Major League Baseball Match ‘Los Angeles Dodgers’ vs. ‘Cincinnati Reds’ as all three are going to sing the national anthem!  

[130722][PHOTO + VIDEO] SNSD – Departure & Arrival from Taiwan to “Gimpo” & “Incheon” Airports

Credit: as tagged + niujinshung To be updated! Hyoyeon left early so only this picture of her From Taiwan to Korea Arrival in Korea

[130719][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Going to Taiwan~~♥

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi **Title could also be interpreted as, ‘I’ll be back [soon] from Taiwan’, or the likes. Minions must like Girls’ Generation~ Thanks to the cute minions who came early in the morning to see us off I’m starting the day with a happy smile!ㅎㅎ Copying minions~ Euah~~ I’ll return after a … Continue reading

[130719][PHOTO] Taeyeon – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: taeyeon_ss + ch0sshi + smtownsnsdcom + kymmie did you come to meet me? #minions #incheonairport #i_must_like_snsd (Click here if video is unavailable) there hasn’t been a day where the airport was this much fun #minions#despicableme #noona_will_return_after_having_a_good_concert margo, edith, and #minions ^^ euigeung (like ‘aigoo’) that jerk^^ he touched my butt!! Lol #as_expected_my_friends Hiiii TAIWAN♥ #GGTOUR (Click here if … Continue reading

[130630][PHOTO] Yuri & Hyoyeon – At “Incheon” Airport heading to LA

Credit: Press Yuri & Hyoyeon are heading to LA for something about “Dancing 9” Press

[130621][PHOTO] SNSD – Departure at “Incheon” Airport to Singapore (UPDATE!)

Credit: as tagged + SNSDABAB SNSD (except Sooyoung) is heading to Singapore for “Asia Style Collection 2013” Preview Press HD Fantaken

[130527][PHOTO] SNSD – Departing and Arriving from Taiwan to Korea from “Happy 4 Kpop” Concert

Credit: as tagged Note: We’ve cut back the preview pictures for this post so there aren’t much photos yet! We’ll update with more soon! Departure from Taiwan to Korea Arriving at Incheon Airport

[130526][PHOTO + VIDEO] SNSD – At “Incheon” Airport heading to Taiwan for “Happy 4 Kpop” Concert (UPDATE6!)

Credit: as tagged + Canny9801 Sooyoung isn’t going. Check out photos of their arrival in Taiwan! Download Press + HD Fantaken + Fantaken pics! Preview Press HD Fantaken Fantaken

[130522][PHOTO] SNSD – Arrival at “Incheon” Airport from Thailand (UPDATE2!)

Credit: as tagged Download press and HD Fantaken pics! Previews Press HD Fantaken

[130521][PHOTO] Sooyoung – At “Incheon” Airport heading to Thailand (UPDATE!)

Credit: as tagged SNSD (8 of them) departed first yesterday. You can check out the photos here.

[130520][PHOTO] SNSD – At “Incheon” Airport (Heading to Thailand)(UPDATE!)

Credits: As tagged Sooyoung wasn’t present, probably due to drama filming. Check out photos of her leaving a day after here Press HD Fantaken

[130515][PHOTO] Jessica – Departure and Arrival from Hong Kong back to “Incheon” Airport

Credit: as tagged Download links coming soon… Jessica departed from “Hong Kong” International Airport, heading back to Korea Jessica arrived at “Incheon” Airport from Hong Kong

[130512][PHOTO] Jessica – Departure at “Incheon” Airport heading to Hong Kong

Credit: heavenly forest + waltz on + SportSeoul + melting ice + tagged Previews Press HD Fantaken

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