[130727][PHOTO] Yuri – At “No Breathing” Filming Site

Credit: FLYuri Advertisements

[130725][PHOTO] Sunny – Filming tvN “Grandpas Over Flowers” in Taiwan

Credit: cinderella@yoona @ soshified forum + as tagged Sunny is making a special appearance in this show

[130725][PHOTO] Yuri – At “No Breathing” Filming Site

Credit: via NoBreathing2013 @ Twitter Click to enlarge!  

[130725][PHOTO] Yuri – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: yulyulk + ch0sshi + kymmie thank you #film Because the sunshine is nice eu-heong-heong I met Park Sooha while filming No Breathing?! #parkswa#did_you_read_my_thoughts_too?! #nobreathing *Park Sooha is Lee Jongsuk’s character’s name in his current drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ *her hashtag ‘parkswa’ is just how Park Sooha would sound if read in a shorter way(?) … Continue reading

[130723][PHOTO] Yuri – “No Breathing” Filming at Incheon Art Hall

Credit: for9GG + FLY官方微博 + onlytaeng Yuri was at “No Breathing” fan participation event yesterday at Incheon Art Hall. According to fans, she sang “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes while playing her guitar

[130717][PHOTO] Yoona – “Innisfree” CF Filming Pictures

Credits: Yoonaya.com

[130715][PHOTO] Yuri, Hyoyeon & Sooyoung – Official Facebook Update

Credit: 소녀시대(Girls’ Generation) HyoYeon, Yuri made a surprise visit at the set of ‘연애조작단; 시라노(Dating Agency; Cyrano)’ to cheer for SooYoung!

[120707][PHOTO] Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Tiffany & Seohyun – At “No Breathing” Filming

Credit: No Breathing @ Daum cafe   Click to enlarge!  

[130705][PHOTO] SNSD – New Pictures from SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: SONE Plus

[130704][PHOTO] Yuri – At “No Breathing” Filming

Credit: thesonesource

[130704][PHOTO] Tiffany – New “UFO” Profile Picture

Credit: UFOTown Tiffany and Sooyoung visited Yuri during her “No Breathing” filming

[130704][PHOTO] Yuri – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: yulyulk + kymmie YulYoong♥YoonYul #highcut make up #highcut My friends, thanks for coming #nobreathing #reliable #soshiisjjang Thank you because you came running #bareface.. but still pretty. In the midst of recording #nobreathing#YoongieDecoratedThisPhoto Words on photo: Jungeun-ie (Yuri’s character in the movie) with Yoong ♥

[130702][PHOTO] Yuri – At “No Breathing” Filming with Seo In Guk

Credit: No Breathing @ daum cafe + facebook

[130628][PHOTO] Yoona & Sooyoung – At tvN “Dating Agency: Cyrano” Filming

Credit: Girls’ Generation YoonA made a surprise visit at the set of ‘연애조작단; 시라노(Dating Agency; Cyrano)’ to cheer for SooYoung!

[130628][PHOTO] Yuri – “Instagram” Updates

Credit: yulyulk + ch0sshi us^^ filming is good (either that or ‘i like filming’) #nobreathing #feelsogood jungeun and wonil= yuri and inguk #nobreathing #shooting during downtime ~jungeun and wonil V #nobreathing #jjongsuk_next_time_lets_take_one_together

[130628][PHOTO] Yuri – At “No Breathing” Filming

Credit: DC Gallery And a message  

[130616][PHOTO] Yoona – “Innisfree” CF Shooting from Official Facebook

Credit: Girls’ Generation  

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