[131006][PHOTO] YoonA – New Promos for “Baby G”

Credit: Baby-G Korea@facebook Advertisements

[131004][PHOTO] SNSD – New Promos for “Baby G”

Credit: tvreport

[130422][PHOTO] Yoona – Casio “Baby-G Kiss Me” Promo

Credit: Casio

[130216][PHOTO] SNSD – New Photos from Official Website for Casio “Kiss Me, Baby-G”

Credit: baby-g.co.kr

[130216][PHOTO] SNSD – Official Pictures for Casio “Kiss Me, Baby-G”

Credit: baby-g.co.kr Note: Not all photos are new. Only Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona & Yuri’s photos are~ The rest are the same but just the Baby-G logo was added.

[130215][PHOTO] SNSD – Casio “Kiss Me, Baby-G” Picture for Official Mobile Website

Credit: yurui

[130215][VIDEO] SNSD – Casio “Baby-G KISS ME” CF

Credit: S Lee

[VIDEO] SNSD – CASIO “Kiss Me, Baby-G” Making

Credit: 유일 하 Check out the released photos post here

[PHOTO] SNSD – CASIO “Kiss Me, Baby-G” New Promos (Update!)

Credit: Casio Update with HQ Pictures!

[PHOTO] SNSD – Casio “Baby-G” Packaging Pictures

Credit: SONEms.net    

[PHOTO] SNSD – On “AMI Magazine” (Taiwan Magazine)

Credit: esther931201 *There are 9 individual members’ exclusive Baby-G pictures on AMI covers which has 9 different version but only Tiffany version have been scanned, let’s hope for more^^ Click to enlarge!

[PHOTO] Taeyeon – New Casio “Baby-G” HD Wallpaper

Credit: CASIO Click to enlarge!

[PHOTO] Yuri, Tiffany & Seohyun – Casio “Baby-G” Picture from Official Facebook

Credit: Baby-G Korea

[PHOTO] SNSD – Casio “Baby-G” New Pic/Promo/Ad

Credit: Soshified Click to enlarge!

[PHOTO] Tiffany – Casio “Baby-G” Wallpaper

Credit: CASIO Click to enlarge!  

[PHOTO] Jessica – Casio “Baby-G” Wallpaper

Credit: CASIO Click to enlarge!

[PHOTO] Sunny – New “Casio” Baby-G HD Wallpaper

Credit: Casio

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