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1. How do I contact SSK’s Staffs?
– You can contact us through the Contact Us under About Us.

2. How do I report problems on SSK?
– Please tell us the problems and send to us by the contact form! Our team will get straight to it.

3. Is it okay for me to not credit SSK?
– Sorry but you have to credit us probably. Everything must be label “Soshi Kingdom (SSK)” or “Soshikingdom9” with the credits listed when taken out.

4. Can SSK Subbing Team sub this?
– We’ll do it if we can but right now, our subbing team is not fully developed so projects haven’t started yet.

5. We/I like to affiliates with SSK. How can we/I do it?
– You will know how by visiting Affiliates and fill in the needed information.

6. Does SNSD have Facebook, Twitter, or anything that (I) can interact with?
– No, SNSD doesn’t have any Facebook, Twitter or anything of their own. However, SM opened the Official Facebook page, Twitter, and Youtube (1)(2) where the staffs are in charge of. Taeyeon Hyoyeon and Yuri recently opened their own Instagrams where they shares pictures.

7. Are there anyway to talk to SNSD?
– Of course there’s. If you’re in Korea, use UFO.

8. Where to buy SNSD’s albums, poster, and goods?
– You can check out on Ebay, Amazon, and YesAsia. (If any of you have more suggestions, please comment)

9. What happens if I violate a rule?
– Consequences are rank on how serious is your violation. You can either be banned, warned or forbidden to visit (the website or any section) for a period of time.

10. What does SSK stands for?
– SSK is our abbreviation for “Soshi Kingdom” mainly not to be confused with any other website under the same name. We greatly appreciate it if you credit us fully under “Soshi Kingdom (SSK)” if you’re not going to include our website so we’re recognized.

11. How long does it take for SSK to compile photos?
– It depends on how much photos that event might have. For example it’s an compilation for airport, SSK will probably take a few days to compile (3-6 days). If it’s about photos for [any kind of] concerts, we will take longer because events like these tend to have quite a lot of pictures, which we’ll compile somewhere from 4-7 days. Also, events that doesn’t have much photos, like 20 or lower, we won’t compile unless our compilers want to.

12. How long does it normally take for SSK to update SNSD’s profile?
– There’s no exact date for that. SSK usually update the profiles when we’re not doing anything else. The latest update for SNSD’s profile and individual member’s profile is May 10, 2013!

13. Why am I seeing advertisements on SSK?
– You’re seeing advertisements (ads) because our website is a part of a free “” blog and is not ad-free. Logged in wordpress’s users don’t see ads so if you happen to have an account, please log in if ads are bothering you!


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