[130822][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From SEOHYUN – I miss you~

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Good morning~^^ I miss you so so much, everyone!!ㅜㅜ How have you been?? I’m living well~! ㅎㅎ Spend what’s left of the summer well! And have another enjoyable day today♥ Advertisements

[130815][MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Everyone~!

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Everyone~! Today is the 68th anniversary of Korea’s liberation day!^^ For the people who sacrificed themselves for the independence of the Republic of Korea Let’s spend the day with a grateful heart, meditating on the meaning of Independence Day!^^♥

[130804][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Hehe

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Wow~ It’s really hot these days!! It’s dangerous weather that can increase your annoyance levels! ㅎㅎ A comical selca for you all! Smile and have a happy day~ Hwaiting today, too!^^

[130719][PHOTO + MESSAGE +TRANS] From. Sooyoung – “♥-♥”

Credits: Girls Generation Official Site + ch0sshi I came to Taiwan today^^!! Taiwan sone, scream ♥-♥ Also.. I dyed my hair~ Did anyone notice..ㅠㅅㅠ? ㅋㅋ

[130719][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Going to Taiwan~~♥

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi **Title could also be interpreted as, ‘I’ll be back [soon] from Taiwan’, or the likes. Minions must like Girls’ Generation~ Thanks to the cute minions who came early in the morning to see us off I’m starting the day with a happy smile!ㅎㅎ Copying minions~ Euah~~ I’ll return after a … Continue reading

[130716][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SOOYOUNG – This is ‘Gonggitdol’ Gong Minyoung~ ㅠㅅㅠ

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi **’Gonggitdol’ is basically ‘jacks’ in Korean (from the title of the post) As of today, it’s goodbye for ‘Gong Stone’ Minyoung ㅠㅅㅠ While it is sad, for a not-so-long time I feel that I’ve received you all’s overflowing love.. So I was a very very happy Minyoung ^ㅡ^ The atmosphere … Continue reading

[130717][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Hi~!!

Credit: ch0sshi + official website image text: Hi~ Dubu drank water and is sound~ asleep♥ Everyone!! I miss you~ ㅜㅜ Hello~ Spend today with Dubu’s sleepy picture again~!!^^ Dubu fell asleep while drinking water~ㅎ I hope only good things happen today!♥

[130713][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – ♥

Credit: Official Website + chosshi The rain keeps falling down~ㅜ Don’t forget to take an umbrella when you go out!!ㅎ They said it’s Chobok today~ (“first of the three dog days”) I hope you improve your health with tonics on this hot day♥  

[130706][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – ^^

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi A little late birthday party photo!^^ My birthday has passed, but I’m posting my late birthday party photo~ㅎ There are a lot of individual schedules, so it was difficult getting togetherㅜ I was really really happy receiving birthday wishes like this from my unnies~!ㅎㅎ Unnies, you’re the best!! My wish … Continue reading

[130705][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] Sunny – New Picture from SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: SONE Plus + redsunset @ soshified   Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+, how are you? It’s Sunny! Since July started, summer really has come~. I’m excited because the stores have a variety of my favorite fruits♪(laughs) Recently we have many schedules overseas, but I think I want to survive the hot summer and take care … Continue reading

130703][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Introducing Dubu (Tofu)~!^^

Credit: official website + ch0sshi hi hi~ this is seohyun! there was an addition to seohyun’s family yesterday !!ㅎ the name of this very small, white kid is dubu (tofu)~!^^ the way it jumps around with its hand-sized(?) body is really loveable~ㅜ it seemed like a waste seeing it by myself, so i’m sharing it … Continue reading

[130625][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – This is Seohyun

Credit: official website + ch0sshi The noble sacrifices made by all the people who put their lives on the line for the peace of one’s homeland will be remembered forever with a streak of light. I think working hard for peace and harmony is something that we have to do to ensure these sacrifices are … Continue reading

[130624][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – Tada~! ㅎㅎ

Credit: Official Website + ch0sshi Seohyun’s black and white selca!!^^ Everyone~~ How are you doing~? Half of 2013 is passing by already.. Make lots of fun memories each and every day, and~! Have a good day today, too♡

[130621][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] SNSD – “SONE Japan” Update

Credit: SONE Japan + redsunset @ soshified Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN. It’s Girls’ Generation. We are backstage looking at SONE NOTE and chatting ^^♪ We have reviewed it many times…(laughs) The precious first issue of SONE NOTE that we created with everyone is our treasure! Let’s make more SONE NOTE together in the future♪

[130621][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] Sooyoung – New Picture on SONE PLUS+ (Japan Fansite)

Credit: SONE PLUS + redsunset @ soshified Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It’s Sooyoung. On Wednesday “LOVE&GIRLS” was released and it was fun when we danced the shampoo dance with all the fans at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN♪ It was raining on that day, yet regardless a lot of fans gathered and it was a really … Continue reading

[130612][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] From. SEOHYUN – SeoChinSo!!

Credit: ch0sshi + official website Introducing Seohyun’s friends!! (‘SeoChinSo’ takes the first characters of the phrase in Korean) My loyal ‘91 line friends who came to see the concert despite being busy (Nicole, Kibum [Key], Howon (Hoya), Sungyeol) and cute younger brother Sungjong~! And, they aren’t in the photo, but Minyoung, Minho! And even Ock … Continue reading


Credit: ch0sshi + official website   SONE~♥ Great people who make my dreams a reality^^! Pretty pink memories we spent together the past 2 days! I won’t forget it^^!! Thank you.. Let’s go on for a long time♥

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