[ANNOUNCEMENT] SNSD – 6th Anniversary #9irls6eneration

You know when, it’s the 5th of August! You know why, it’s Girls’ Generation’s 6th Birthday! Yes, you’re right, the soshi bond has lasted for another year of memories. 9 girls decided to walk on the same journey 6 years ago and became one as Girls’ Generation. The beloved “soshi” stayed as one and really … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Tiffany – 25th Birthday

Leave a message! Happy Birthday Tiffany! Stepping into the first day of August, we have a birthday to celebrate! And it’s no one other than our manager Hwang’s birthday. To the American-Korean girl who shines bright like a mushroom, we’d like to wish you a FANYtastic birthday ♥ That eye-smile, that responsibility as a manager … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Seohyun – 23rd Birthday

Leave a message! Happy Birthday Seohyun! Dear fellow SONEs, we’re happy announce that… it’s our Seohyun’s birthday~ What’s her birthday name again guys? Do you remember? Well of course, it’s Seo Juhyun. Following her unnie Yoona, Seohyun now turns 23 year old. Woah, maknae is growing keke. SSK wishes the maknae a happy birthday, as … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yoona – 24th Birthday

Leave a message! Happy Birthday Im Yoona! May 30th, May 30th, May 30th why is this day special? Oh yea, because it’s Yoona’s birthday! She turns 24 this year, yea! That’s Korean’s age, if you’re in the United States and maybe some other part of the world, she’s only 23, but anyway, congratulation Yoona. Thank … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Sunny – 25th Birthday

Leave a Birthday Message! Happy Birthday Sunny! It’s a sunny day with our Sunny bunny’s special event! The banner tells you all, that it’s our Sunny’s birthday, aren’t you excited?? The aegyo queen is 25 years old already, wow, that’s fast! On May 15th, 1989, a baby was born. It’s a blessing for her parents, … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Happy Birthday to SSK! We’re officially 1 year old! #SSK1stAnniversary

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to SOSHI Kingdom! Happy birthday to us! Yes, April 23rd marks our 1st Year Anniversary. Of course, since SSK was found on USA’s time, we’d like to celebrate on USA’s date but you’re welcome to celebrate it whenever it’s a 23rd on your calendar 🙂 … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Jessica – 25th Birthday

Leave a Birthday Message! Happy Birthday Jessica! 24 years ago, Jessica was born into the same hospital in San Francisco as her fellow Girls Generation member, Tiffany Hwang. Jessica is a warm hearted person, though her appearance is a little cold if you glance at her, but… don’t misjudge her because of her cold image. … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Taeyeon – 25th Birthday

Leave a Birthday Message! Happy Birthday Taeyeon! Our one and only kid leader~ Time sure flies! Today is March 9, 2013 and if you’re a SONE or Taengangster then your calendar should be marked somewhere with “Taeyeon’s Birthday!!” right? Despite being the oldest, Taeyeon remains in her youthful image, like a kid or ajumma 🙂 … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Sooyoung – 24th Birthday

Leave a Birthday Message! Choi Sooyoung, one of the biggest shikshins in the crew of 9 is going to be 24 years old very soon, yay~ (Korean Age. 23 for USA’s). Like the usual tradition, what do we do to show our best wishes toward the soshi’s birthday? Well, happy birthday Sooyoung! Put your hands … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yuri – 24th Birthday

Leave a birthday message! Woah! It’s a sexy day for sexy Kwon Yuri! Congratulation on your birthday Yuri, the one and only Black Pearl in SONEs’ hearts, right? SSK wants to share our happiness for another soshi’s birthday with this post/thread or how you want to call it ^^ by just completely spazz all over … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hyoyeon – 24th Birthday

It’s this time of the year again, when our kingdom as SONEs celebrate our one and only dancing queen, Hyoyeon! Before we start “spazzing” all over the dancing machine, shall we enjoy some special side of Hyoyeon, beside dancing? Here we go! Funny …      Cool & Sexy … And now, let’s see the … Continue reading

[ANNOUNCEMENT] SSK – First “Hiatus” Period!

Hello SSK users, which are mostly SONEs and maybe some other fandoms, SSK first announcement eeevvaaa is here… And our Taengoo is clapping…great! So what is an annoucement about you ask? Well, you saw on the title “HIATUS” time, for a vacation! Ohh, so our Taengoo approved while Black Pearl pouted, wanting to go on … Continue reading

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