[ANNOUNCEMENT] SNSD – 6th Anniversary #9irls6eneration

SNSD 6th Anniversary Banner

You know when, it’s the 5th of August! You know why, it’s Girls’ Generation’s 6th Birthday! Yes, you’re right, the soshi bond has lasted for another year of memories.

9 girls decided to walk on the same journey 6 years ago and became one as Girls’ Generation. The beloved “soshi” stayed as one and really proved that not all girl groups has a short life span. Despite people’s ignorance & judgement of them when SM first announced to debut a 9 members girl group, Girls’ Generation overcame the challenge and did make those people recognize they were wrong!

It’s been a long journey…

Posted Image

Uh huh, 6 years is no joke ♥ Let’s cheers for all their hard work to become Asia’s Top Girl Group like today and for the amazing fans’ support (you guys)!!! Without you all, the girls wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and let’s us all, Girls’ Generation & SONEs proceed to forever land 😀

Alright, let’s all have a look at some of last year’s projects (5th Anniversary)

From Soshified, the largest international fan community

From taengoofied SONE on Youtube

From SunnyAegyoify on Youtube

Crying, laughing, and having fun: they made it. Having Girls’ Generation in our lives, the number 9 is never the same. Mushroom, Black Pearl, Deer, Ajumma, Shikshin, Dangshin, Sleep, Reading, Hamburger, Sodas and so many more always remind us of something, someone. Those are no longer ordinary words.

The song “Into The New World” that brought 9 young girls into this industry

“Gee” that brought Girls’ Generation to another level

“The Boys” the song that helped Girls’ Generation get into America

“I got a Boy” the comeback song that SONEs had anticipated for for over a year

Okay, so we’ve looked back at the old time. Now, how about we check out some projects for this year (6th Anniversary)!

From Soshified, the largest international fan community

From Synkroneyes on Youtube

From SMTOWNSNSDFX on Youtube

Not only through videos, SONEs also celebrate the 6th anniversary with fanarts, tons of design, posters & below is a banner, where you can find in subway stations in Seoul

Happy 6th Anniversary Girls’ Generation (SNSD) ♥

“Right now it’s Girls’ Generation! From now on it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever Girls’ Generation!”

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