[130709][TRANS] Sunny – “Twitter” Updates

Credit: sunnyday515 + ch0sshi + kymmie

@Sunnyday515 don’t take the photo lying down, and get up and try taking it ㅋㅋㅋ
@taeccool No that’s not ittt*…. I was upright but it seems like the phone was lying down… 😦

@Sunnyday515 Congrats on starting Twitter~ ^^
@portos724 ii-hing it’s bug* oppa!!!!!♥

@Sunnyday515 huk~~ you’re just not replying…..ㅋㅋ you’re a twitter choding~ (=elementary school student)
@portos724 i’m just now taking my first steps…@□@;;

*His name is Publae [법래 beob-lae] which sounds similar to bug [벌레 beol-le] in Korean

@Famous_Jae keke no oppa~ How could you only teach me how to follow people~~ What is this.. To reply.. you should also teach me how to do it!!ㅠㅠ;; I’ve only just found out how keke
@Sunnyday515 Kyakyakyakya kyakyakyakyakyak Take a lesson, Soon-ding-ie kyakyakyak

@Famous_Jae then, without much choice, you’re coming to japan with us this time…ㅋㅋ
@Sunnyday515 kyakyakyakyakya i respectfully, flat out refuse!

@Famous_Jae ㅡㅡ chet!! (same as saying like, ‘psh!’)

*ALL da laughing sounds
**Soon-ding is just a nickname

Everyone, goodnight~ Have a good dream!!.. Dream of me!! Hee-heet^^* Good night. sleep well!! Kkk..kk…zz..ZZZ
<@Sunnyday515 have a dream about dancing, VVVIP customer.
@Famous_Jae ah.. I had a nightmare..
@Sunnyday515(we have no translation for this)

good morning!!!!! good morning!! everybody, rock your body, shake your body, move your body~ morning exercise star~t!! Good morning sun shines?!^^

@SMTOWNGLOBAL @GirlsGeneration Oh really?! Ah really?! Omo omo.. Nyes nyes*~ That seems like it~ Nyes~.. Keke Yes, honey bubu~ Wait for a few weeks ^.~

When I see Tiffany’s puppy “Prince”, another “Prince” comes to mind~ Today’s recommended song : Kiss. Everytime I see Tiff’s puppy “Prince”. I think of the Artist formely known as! Gotta KISS him!!

No translation right now 😦


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