[130607][PHOTO + MESSAGE + TRANS] SNSD – Questions & Answers on “SONE NOTE” Magazine (Issue 1)

Credit: soshified

For snapshots of the magazine, visit here. Magazine is for members of SONE Japan Official Fanclub!


Q: What are you into right now?
A: During filming, the hair stylist always brings different kinds of makeup tools. However, I also bring a lot of makeup so I don’t lose. When I cover myself with cute makeup, even if I’m not feeling well or when I’m tired, I naturally feel a bit more cheerful and better…these kind of items support us from the shadows ❤

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: Since I have an interest in art, I want to try studying it. Lately, I always take out my sketchbook and colour pencils whenever I go out. When I have some free time, while I listen to music, I’ll draw what I’m feeling at the moment into the sketchbook. Anytime I discover something new, it’s very exciting.

The “SONE NOTE” created with everyone from S<3NE JAPAN!!
Let’s make it a wonderful note~ ❤


Q: What are you into right now?
A: Aromas, maybe? I collect aromatic candles and perfumes of the fragrances that I like and I use each one differently depending on the situation or what I’m feeling at that time! Next time, I’ll introduce my collection slowly to everyone on SONE JAPAN!

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to travel to trendy or beautiful places! My favorite cities are Paris and London. I want to go on a style-focused trip and find vintage goods and cute accessories and small articles.

I want to make it together with everyone ^_____^ ❤
Jessica ❤


Q: What are you into right now?
A: Rather than this, I usually think ‘how shall I enjoy myself every day?’ Do you need to know about delicious food or playing? For example I like to take selcas…I spend my time taking lots of fun pictures. I also like gaming and moving by body by swimming. The food I like is mentaiko (fish eggs), tuna, sesame leaves, cold Chinese noodles, fruits etc. I like a lot of food…Icecream is my favorite.

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to try skydiving. It looks very thrilling and fun.

Sone Japan. Is everyone doing well? I’m really happy we are able to do Sone Note. Please anticipate it a lot.


Q: What are you into right now?
A: As expected, something that I have always been interested in and check which is fashion. Recently, my current obsession is picking out accessories and small [fashion] items! And as everyone knows, pink! My room is filled with my favorite pink..

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to utilize my experience working in a musical and have my goal to challenge “movies” and “dramas”! I want to pass on wonderful feelings through acting to lots of people. Everyone in SONE JAPAN, please look forward to it.

Thanks to everyone in SONE JAPAN, we were able to complete SONE NOTE! Thank you!!
I PS. Sorry for my messy/terrible writing
I love you! ❤


Q: What are you into right now?
A: I’ve gathered a lot of items that sparkle^^ fussing over things like glitter fashion and sparkly nails! If you change the angle of Swarovski (brand) crystals, you can see how the light changes right? Just like those (crystals), I also want to show everyone the many different sides of me that I can bring out.

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to go on a trip together the members! I also want to try going by myself too. I get to decide and plan where I will go, all of those kinds of decisions will be all by myself.Even just thinking of it seems fun~~ I want to go soon!!!

Everyone from SONE JAPAN~ ❤
Our SONE NOTE is finally finished!!!
Please continue to look forward (to new things)~!!!


Q: What are you into now?
A: I’m always with the members and since I always tend to rely on someone, sometimes I need some alone time. I make a space with aroma and lighting where I can relax; I search the nature and go to a place with clean air. Beside that I also do mountain climbing with my family ^^ The word healing is ideal in this case!!

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to make my own working room. Because I like to draw and write..I want to make my own space, I want to fully enjoy my alone time freely. ^^

To Sone Japan
To be able to make a Sone Note with all of Sone Japan memories, I’m thankful.
Please cheer a lot for SNSD. J


Q: What are you into now?
A: Shopping and travel

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to go on a trip with the other members. Destination is Las Vegas! I want to do a lot of shopping

Everyone in SONE JAPAN ❤
The bond between SNSD and everyone has increased once more!
Please take care of us from now on~


Q: What are you into now?
A: I like to take pictures of food. Stylish, unique food, very delicious looking and cute looking food… Unconsciously I take a picture before eating! However, when I see the pictures I took afterwards, it’s great to remember what happened at that time ^^

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: I want to exercise well in order to build up more stamina and for my health!! It’s because I want even more people to see our performances~ ❤

Everyone in SONE JAPAN ❤
Thank you so much for always supporting us!!
I want to add a lot of a memories with you all in this note ❤


Q: What are you into now?
A: Rather than calling it what I’m into, I love reading books. I receive a lot of books as presents from fans who know that, so my room is almost like a library! ^^ I’m always surrounded by a lot of books and everytime I finish one I think, “What should I read next~?”, so it’s really fun to choose. Thanks to everyone, it feels luxurious ❤

Q: What do you want to try next?
A: This year, to perform in a musical like the other members is one of my goals. From being on the side that enjoys watching to a side that experiences performing and conveying, I want to make use of that experience on stage as Girls’ Generation!

When I see SONE NOTE, I’m happy to be able to look back at the memories up until now
To the fans that we made such fun memories with~!! Thank you very much ❤
from Seohyun ❤


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