[ANNOUNCEMENT] Happy Birthday to SSK! We’re officially 1 year old! #SSK1stAnniversary

SSK 1st Birthday Banner

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to SOSHI Kingdom! Happy birthday to us!
Yes, April 23rd marks our 1st Year Anniversary. Of course, since SSK was found on USA’s time, we’d like to celebrate on USA’s date but you’re welcome to celebrate it whenever it’s a 23rd on your calendar 🙂

We won’t do like a HUGE post about it because it might bores you. However, explore about how SSK was established would be interesting enough right?

Our History:
April 23rd of 2012 – SSK was found!
May 5th of 2012 – We officially started posting.
June 28th of 2012 – Our official Twitter was created.
December 4th of 2012 – SSK reached a 100k views mark.
January 19th of 2013 – SSK reached a 200k views mark.
March 14th of 2013 – SSK reached a 300k views mark.

How SSK was really found in details, hear a word from (Kva/SoYul22, the founder): “I started as a SONE, like all of you. I didn’t think about creating anything beside a Youtube where I would only upload videos about SNSD. You must have already read about this if you read my about but if you didn’t then here it is. So yea, I opened Twitter afterward and became admins at a few facebook pages. I suddenly thought about opening a website, but it was to post up videos I uploaded then I don’t know why it became like this, but I love the SSK right now!”

If you didn’t notice, we have our new logo now!

We currently have 8 staffs and 1 retired staff! We would like to thanks everyone of our staff for helping us create such a website like today!

SSK tried our best to provide the best experience as possible for SONEs when using our website by providing resources, help center, download links, lyrics center, calendar to track activities and as well as entertainment tools like a shoutout/chatbox for social time and radio for boredom.


Our goal is to give SONEs a trustable source and keep up with our 9 beautiful girls! We do accept critical feedback and try to improve our website over the time, and yes, we did receive a few feedback from fans that are both suggestion and appreciation toward us which encourage us to do even better. There’re absolutely thousands of websites about SNSD but we really do thanks all the SONEs that actually use our website out of those thousands, that makes us feel special.

If you ever want to contact us for any reason, please feel free to by going to the Contact form. If you have anyone you would like to recommend to be a SSK’s staff, please also contact us so we can decide if we want to recruit them.

Before we end our post, please take a few moment to take a survey about our website. We would like to hear every little bits of how you think of SSK! If you can, please spare some time, just 9 little questions you answer can help us improve our website. Also, it’s a pop-up so you don’t have to afraid that you’ll be directed to somewhere else. It’s right here and convenience, just by left clicking on the pink button below!

We appreciate your help! Together, we can stay together forever under the name of SONEs, and in the ocean of pink right?



If you can, we started a hashtag on twitter #SSK1stAnniversary for our anniversary. Help us celebrate by adding the hashtag on your Twitter’s status!

3 Responses to “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Happy Birthday to SSK! We’re officially 1 year old! #SSK1stAnniversary”
  1. syalva says:

    happy birthday to you!! 🙂

  2. Rarasmx says:

    Yay! Happy 1st anniversary to you! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday !
    thanks for your information about SNSD

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