[ANNOUNCEMENT] Jessica – 25th Birthday

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Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica 25th Birthday Banner

24 years ago, Jessica was born into the same hospital in San Francisco as her fellow Girls Generation member, Tiffany Hwang. Jessica is a warm hearted person, though her appearance is a little cold if you glance at her, but… don’t misjudge her because of her cold image. Her funny and “extraordinary” personality,including spacing out, watching couples kiss, taking pictures of her members changing and using them to protect herself, and of course what we can’t forget, a lazyyyyy girl! These are many adjectives that are often associated with the Ice Princess.


Her dance moves are… let’s say different. You can often spot her on the side and behind the other members, making up her own version of their dance.

 “If no one wakes me up? I have recently slept for 16 hours. I could’ve slept longer, but my mom woke me up to eat.” – Jessica Jung


She’s got it all. I could go on all day, b-*nosebleed* How can you say she’s not sexy? Sica is a heavenly gift for all SONEs ♥


Her signature nickname, Ice Princess Queen, really doesn’t belong to her. She’s actually very sweet and considerate. A handicapped GorJess Spazzer, kept appearing at her shows in order her in character of ‘Elle Woods’ in her musical, Legally Blonde, was invited by the angel backstage through the staff to her resting room, where she expressed her gratitude and they took this wonderful picture to remember forever.

“I thought I was meeting an angel. My heart was pumping and I was extremely nervous. I was so nervous that all I could say was thank you.” – Jessica’s Fan

Also, Lead Vocalist Jessica’s voice isn’t as husky as Tiffany’s, or as high as leader Taeyeon’s, but just as impressive. (or even more) Take a listen to this, sure to give you goosebumps. (The best goosebumps you’ll ever have.)

In all, our warm princess of breathtaking beauty, please enjoy your birthday. There will be no lazier, sexier, and kind Jessica Jung to enter this world. Before we end this article, I would like to thank you for reading so far, and what’s better than a overload of Jessica’s winks? (As I call ’em, JessiWinks!)

She’s probably already got a Boy.

Who else looks so beautiful eating chicken?

Echo, Echo~

Show Me, Show Me!

That is the end! Please leave a birthday message for Jessica in the comments below!

And this is writer Queen, signing off with waving Sica.

Remember to continue to support our wooorrriii Jess and the girls! SONEs jjang! Right now it is Girls’ Generation, in the future it is Girls Generation, forever Girls Generation!

4 Responses to “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Jessica – 25th Birthday”
  1. SONE1 says:

    Aw! Have a nice birthday Jess

  2. Rarasmx says:

    It’s our princess’ birthday, yay! Wishing Jessica a great and happy birthday for this year! We’ll always suppport you and SNSD. Happy birthday! SONES love you 🙂

  3. Michelle Eng May Kee says:

    Jessica..happy birthday to you ❤
    wish u stay pretty XO
    LOve u & support u forever

    by Sones! xD

  4. yolanda says:

    happy birthday to you
    tou are just amazing

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